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T.S. O'Neil's Publishing Pet Peeves & Importance of #Book Covers @tselliot3 #Action #BlogTour

Pet Peeves of the Publishing Industry: The whole agent/publishing house system is a pet peeve of mine. I think that the industry is badly in need of some constructive destruction.    I believe that Amazon and other on-line publishing houses are doing to the publishing industry what Apple did to the music business; liberalize it, in the classic sense of the word. Before, it was extremely hard to get published. The antiquated methods that these gatekeepers employed badly needed to be changed and rebuilt more in line with modern times. There still are agents and publishers that will only respond to queries sent via snail mail in this day and age! I think they would be more comfortable in another era and should probably consider retirement. Of course, there is a lot of garbage out there, but that will get better over time as the self-publishing industry policies itself.  Those authors that continue to publish badly edited books will fail and those that publish good works will hopefully thrive.
Why Book Covers are So Important: Book covers are the reader’s first introduction to your work. They need to be eye catching and able to entice the reader into at least trying a sample. My belief is that if your cover differs significantly from that of a traditionally published book; whether it be an ebook or paper, your sales will suffer. I think a cover and professional editing are two of the most significant factors in determining the success of a book.
StarfishPrime (1)

Michael Blackfox thought he'd left Marine Force Recon behind, but they had other ideas

The best trained man for a high risk mission is dead and Blackfox is uniquely qualified to be the heir apparent. The trouble is he and his father are currently fugitives on the run from the law.

˃˃˃ Marine Special Operations roughly brings Michael back into the fold, while allowing his father to be arrested and extradited. If Michael cooperates, the government will go easy on his dad.

A Russian arms dealer recovers an ICBM from Iraq during the invasion and sells it to the Iranians. They commission him to reconfigure the missile as an electromagnetic pulse weapon that, if fired, will destroy all electronics in the United States--effectively plunging the country back to the nineteenth century.
The launch pad and assembly building are deep within the Venezuelan jungle. The missile's telemetry system is hosted by a closed network. Michael's job is to parachute into the jungle with a team of Marine Special Operators, hack into the network and deliver a virus that will destroy the missile, while making it all look like an accident
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