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@MarcADiGiacomo on Reading,Family & Being a Police Officer #AmWriting #Authors #Thriller

Is there any books you really don’t enjoy?
I’m not into anything with Fabio on the cover.
What do you hope your obituary will say about you?
Marc DiGiacomo was a great husband and father.
Do you find it hard to share your work?
No, not really. Eventually, you have to hand it over otherwise we’d be doing something else.
What is hardest-getting published, writing or marketing?
They are all difficult. I am an independent so that eliminates the first part of this question. As for writing and marketing, I find it very difficult to split my time between the two.
What marketing works for you?
Word of mouth and social media are my two favorites.
Do you plan to publish more books?
I just released Back In Town, the second book in A Small Town Series.
Is your family supportive?
Do your friends support you? Yes and yes. My family has been great throughout this entire process and some of my friends end up being my toughest critics.
What other jobs have you had in your life?
I was a police officer for almost 15 years prior to my writing career.
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Somewhere in the mountains.
How much sleep do I need to be my best?
At least 8 hours. I wish I could function on less but it’s an impossibility.
If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone dead or alive, who would you ask?
Eddie Vedder, Dan Marino, Al Pacino, and all of my grandparents.

The shotgun blast catches Detective Matthew Longo by surprise. His world unravels into a nightmare that seemingly won’t end. Murder, rapes, pedophiles, the small town of Hutchville, N.Y. is changing. It is up to him to make a difference.
While partner Donny Mello is in Italy attending a funeral for a family member who is connected, to say the least, a beautiful F.B.I. agent waits to question him about his family business. Can Matt keep from answering the Agent’s questions? More importantly, can he hide a potentially career-ending secret from his community, his brother, and most especially Agent Cynthia Shyler?
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Genre – Thriller
Rating – R
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#Excerpt from @MargaretWestlie's ANNA'S SECRET #Historical #Mystery #AmReading

Ian fell silent and thought back over the years of backbreaking toil that had gone into clearing the land. Poppa and I worked side by side until one day Poppa sat down on a stump and said, "I cannot do this anymore," and died. After that I married Belle. She was a pretty fragile girl who wasn't able to work in the fields. She wasn't able to do much more than keep a clean house. Oh, but she was pretty and sweet, and wonderful to come home to. His heart yearned momentarily for a return to the days with Belle. Life was so easy then. At least until the baby wouldn't come, and now the two of them are lying in the same casket, the baby's bones still nestled in the curve of its mother's bones, never born.

"Come in then, dinner's on the table." Mary's voice through the open door interrupted the melancholy flow of his thoughts.

"Sit in to your usual place, Ian," said Mary. "I'll just pour the tea."

Angus pulled the extra chair from behind the stove and placed it for himself and left the stool for Mary.

Mary poured the tea and passed the cups, then settled herself comfortably on her little stool. "Angus, will you return thanks?"

They bowed their heads and Angus began a long prayer of intercession, thanks and apology. The food steamed and cooled in the serving dishes as Angus strolled on through his list of requests. Ian's stomach rumbled and his mouth watered. He swallowed hard. Angus paused to collect his thoughts and mentally review his petitions. "Oh, Lord," he began, then paused again.

"Amen," chirped Mary into the brief silence, a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. "That was a fine prayer, Angus. Pass Ian the potatoes. It's a shame Donald wouldn't join us today."

Ian spooned a generous helping of mashed potatoes onto his plate. "He was invited. He didn't even come to church as he said he would."

"Och, well, maybe something came up that he had to attend to," soothed Mary. "He's always been a responsible lad." She passed Ian the platter of chicken. "See, it roasted up well. It's so tender it's falling off the bones."

"It's a miracle then," Ian helped himself to a thigh. "The squawking and complaining that was coming out of the poor beast when Donald was butchering it, I was afraid it'd be like shoe leather."

"Well, it isn't. It roasted up just fine." Mary helped herself to the vegetables then passed them to Angus. "So, are you all snug for the winter yet?”

"Not yet," said Ian around a mouthful of potatoes and gravy. He swallowed, then said more clearly, "I was just thinking this morning that the banking isn't done and the storm windows aren't on and the storm doors need repair, and I don't know when I'm going to get to it all." He poured his steaming tea into his saucer to cool, then lifting it with his characteristic three-fingered grip, sipped noisily. 

"Anna'd be ashamed of the house too. I'm sorry that I've had to let it go so. There's dust in the corners and the dishes are still there since the day before yesterday. Donald won't do them and I was so tired yesterday that I just didn't do them." He looked around Mary's tidy kitchen. The curtains were bright and fresh, the floor was swept, the wood box was filled to overflowing and there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere. Anna's kitchen used to look like this, he thought.

"I've been thinking," said Mary. "There's a few of us ladies who haven't a lot to do these days. If it wouldn't offend you, we could come over some day this week and do the fall housecleaning for you."

A ray of hope leaped into Ian's eyes. "Would you? I'm afraid I've not been able to keep up with the housekeeping too."

"What do you have over there for cleaning supplies?"

Ian's face fell. "I don't know. Anna took care of all that."

"Never mind then, we'll just bring it all."


Anna Gillis, the midwife and neighbour in Mattie's Story, has been found killed. The close-knit community is deeply shaken by this eruption of violence, and neighbours come together to help one another and to discover the perpetrator. But the answer lies Anna's secret, long guarded by Old Annie, the last of the original Selkirk Settlers, and the protagonist of An Irregular Marriage. Join the community! Read Anna's Secret and other novels by Margaret A. Westlie.

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Genre – Fiction, mystery, historical
Rating – G
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@ClarissaClemens on Her Favourite Food, #SelfPub and #Erotic #Poetry

What do you hope your erotic poetry books do for people who read them?
I hope my poetry helps unlock the passion waiting to be set free which in turn will rekindle the sexual connection between couples who may need a little jumpstart to refuel their flames of desire.
When you are not writing, how do you like to spend your time?
I live to have fun and laugh. When I am not writing or creating, I plunge into the other passions in my life: golfing with my boyfriend, spending time with my family and friends, traveling to new and exciting places to stimulate my imagination, listening to music and going to concerts, reading to escape into another world, exercising to stay in great shape, and going to movies and out to dinner. I am having so much fun being me; everyday is a new adventure.
What is your favorite meal?
Hmmmm, well being someone who thrives in the sensual world, it probably figures that I would love sushi. I love the sensuous texture of the raw fish and find sashimi is my favorite delectable treat. It is also very exciting to me to sit at a sushi bar and watch the chefs expertly sliver the pieces of fish so precisely to display them in beautiful works of edible art.
What color represents your personality the most?
I would have to say the color red. It has always been my power color. When I wear it, positive things happen and people usually will say something about the color on me. Red and passion just seem to go together and this is probably why I gravitate towards this vibrant and striking color. You will find it on my book covers, my websites, and in my wardrobe. I shy away from getting a red car, though, due to the myth that red cars are more likely to be stopped by the highway patrol/police otherwise my Camry would probably be a red one.
How do you feel about social media?
I love social media more specifically, Twitter. It has been such a fabulous tool to meet new people, share my art, and be a sounding board for new lines of poetry. It has been a great marketing tool and just plain fun! I have made some great friends in there that I hope to one-day meet in person.
What’s your next project?
I am currently writing and putting together the 3rd volume to my poetry series, The Poetic Diary of Love and Change.The poems in this series are the ones I wrote and continue to write about having love for yourself, healing from a broken heart, grieving and moving on, and ultimately having hope that love is out there waiting for you when you are ready. It should be available by month’s end.
How do you feel about self-publishing?
Self-publishing has been such a great tool for so many talented writers to be able to take the plunge without anyone else’s permission. I know, as an artist, one of our greatest inhibitors is the fear of rejection. With self-publishing available we can get past the traditional publisher and let the reading audience decide if what we have written is worthy of their time or not. Between social media and self-publishing, authors can get immediate feedback on what they are doing well and what needs improvement. I feel that being able to self-publish gives authors the control they need to share their art and allows them to have their finger on the pulse of what their readers want.
The downside of self-publishing is that as authors, we do not have a marketing team behind us that a traditional publishing house would normally provide. We end up having to learn how to wear the hats of every aspect of getting a book from our heads into the hands of readers. Most of us are working a regular job, taking care of our families, and trying to pursue our passion to write and publish. It’s definitely a challenge that I am extremely familiar with. Persistence and faith with a firm goal in mind will always lead to success.
What genre of books do you enjoy reading?
My favorite genre to read is historical fiction. I love stepping back in time and reliving actual world events through fictional characters. I also enjoy science fiction/adventure type novels. The only erotic works I have read are the classics, the works of a few select indie writers that I met on Twitter, and everything by my literary idol, Anais Nin.
How has your upbringing influenced your writing?
I think growing up in the culturally rich and socially liberal area of Los Angeles had an impact on my lack of inhibitions in exploring my artistic and sensual nature. In addition to the geographic influence of L.A., watching my grandmother go back to school in her early 60’s to get her degree in journalism had a strong influence on both my decision to go back to school later in life and to become a writer. She was a wonderful role model showing me that one should always pursue their dreams at any age.
Where were you when you wrote your first erotic poem?
The first erotic poem that I composed was Ode to O. It was shortly after my ex and I split up and I was getting my 5-year-old ready to take her to her kindergarten class. I remember standing near our dinner table when the first few lines spilled out of my head and into my little notebook. I was thinking, ‘oh my gosh where the heck did that just come from?’ That was the beginning of an avalanche of erotic poetry that has yet to stop coming to and through me.
How do you feel about sharing your erotic poetry?
With the shield of my pen name and anonymous feeling it brings, I love to share my erotic poetry. After I had shared some of my erotic poetry with close friends and saw their reaction, I realized I might have something I need to share. If there was any doubt, these same friends convinced me that no matter what it took I needed to get my poetry out to a world starved for sensuality and a way to express it.
I am extremely happy that I have begun this journey. It has been so rewarding to hear from people who have felt compelled to let me know how my poems have affected their lives and more specifically their love lives. I am thrilled that I overcame any hesitancy to share my erotic poetry. This has been a most amazing adventure.

A collection of all 3 volumes of Clarissa O. Clemens’ erotic poetry book series, The Poetic Art of Seduction, under 1 cover! 

An erotic gift of lyrical rhyme to keep on every bedroom nightstand for play. Kinky yet classy erotic poetry painting sexy pictures and scenes with seductive words to read to each other and get the mood soaked in seduction. 

What critics have said about Clarissa’s poetry: 

“…A delicious dance with words…” 
“Impossible not to be aroused…” 
“…mouth-watering feast of erotic rhyme…” 
“…her words ebb and flow with a superb sensuousness.” 
“5 Stars is just not enough for this exquisite work of erotic art” 

78 Passionate poems of seduction are waiting for you to be devoured with lust and desire. 

41Beautifully sensuous photographs have been included to heighten your visual experience with Ms. Clemens poetry. 

A must-have for every couple looking for new ways to add the spark back into their flame.
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Genre - Erotic Poetry
Rating – R
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@JordyLizama on Interesting & Clear Book Covers #AmReading #AmWriting #YA

Why Book Covers are So Important
The book cover is the first thing people are going to see. Before they read a sample chapter or a review of your book they are going to decide whether they like the cover or not. Make it clear, interesting and as original as possible.

Only time will tell if Sophia, Alec and the world are ready to accept the mission that has been passed down for many generations. This is more than a story of reincarnation. This is a story that never ended following the reign of the Greek gods. What has been hidden for thousands of years is about to surface in a small New England town. The impact on this rural village is ageless, but only the chosen time travelers know what is happening, the reason it is happening and how to control the outcome. 

The Men of Ages have walked the Earth unnoticed since the time of Greek mythology and have kept their ancient war alive by transporting the lead warrior in a most unusual time machine. There is only one way to stop the cataclysmic demise of the human race and Sophia is the answer. But, Sophia is a teenage girl faced with many human and nonhuman desires that create a tortuous path from antiquity to the present day. Love conquers all; or, so it seems.
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Genre – Fantasy, YA 
Rating – PG
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@RJ_Blain's #WriteTip on How to Find a Critique Buddy #Fantasy #AmWriting

Many people think writing a novel is a solo activity when it is not. Sure, the drafting process is (usually) a job for a single individual, but the editing work and much of what happens after the rough draft is finished is a team effort. Most authors have a small circle of critique buddies they rely on to help fix plot problems, strengthen their writing, and otherwise improve their book.
So, how do you go about finding a critique buddy? That’s the hard part. With so many authors and writers out there, it’s difficult finding someone who is as serious as you are and near to your level or better than you in skill.
Find at least one person who is more skilled at writing.
The idea of having a critique buddy is to improve your novel and your writing skills. This means you need to work with someone who has more skills than you do or is as skilled as you are. Two people with similar skill levels can really help each other improve. The linchpin of this arrangement is that both of you actively want to improve your writing – and your partner’s writing.
Find at least one person who is less skilled at writing. 
By helping other writers improve their writing, it becomes possible to see basic mistakes in our own. This only works, however, if you take the time to explain why something is an error. In order to explain a concept to another writer, you have to have a deeper understanding of what you’re trying to teach. If you can teach something to another person, such as the difference between telling and showing, it becomes possible to master that skill in your own writing.
Not Everyone Makes a Good Critique Buddy 
When you’re trying to find a critique buddy, you need to find someone who works well with you. There is a lot of diplomacy involved in critiquing a novel for a stranger, and this can often lead to people being less than honest about their feelings for a book. You need to find someone who will be honest with you, help you improve your writing skills, and most importantly, help you improve your novel. At the same time, you need to be willing to do the same thing for your writing partner.
Where to Find Critique Buddies 
Knowing what you need in a critique buddy is only part of the battle. Finding a critique buddy can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look.
Online Writing Workshops 
Online workshops, including critique circle (, authonomy (, and book country ( are great places to meet people and find potential critiquing buddies. All of these workshops involve critiquing or reviewing of other members, so they are also excellent places to learn or improve your editorial skills.
Social Media Networks
Whether you’re a fan of twitter, facebook, or google+, social media networks can be a surprisingly good place to find like-minded writers who also need a critique buddy. Don’t just accept any old Joe to be your critique buddy, though. Critiquing a single chapter is a good way to get an idea of whether or not someone you find on one of the social media networks is a good fit for you.
Real-Life Critique Groups
Meet ups and critique groups hosted at libraries, coffee shops, and book stores can be a great way to improve your writing – if you can find the super-secret group’s gathering point and wrangle an invitation to join them. These groups are often exclusive, requiring a writing-quality check before you can get an invitation, and may be difficult to find. Not all groups are like this, but it’s really dependent on your location. Small towns often don’t have enough writers to support a writing critique group.
NaNoWriMo and Other Competitions 
National Novel Writing Month, as well as other large-scale writing competitions, can be an excellent way to find critiquing buddies. Talk with other participants, and see if there are a few people you might work well with.
Good luck with your writing!

Kalen’s throne is his saddle, his crown is the dirt on his brow, and his right to rule is sealed in the blood that stains his hand. Few know the truth about the one-armed Rift King, and he prefers it that way. When people get too close to him, they either betray him or die. The Rift he rules cares nothing for the weak. More often than not, even the strong fail to survive.
When he’s abducted, his disappearance threatens to destroy his home, his people, and start a hopeless and bloody war. There are many who desire his death, and few who hope for his survival. With peace in the Six Kingdoms quickly crumbling, it falls on him to try to stop the conflict swiftly taking the entire continent by storm.
But something even more terrifying than the machinations of men has returned to the lands: The skreed. They haven’t been seen for a thousand years, and even the true power of the Rift King might not be enough to save his people — and the world — from destruction.
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Genre – Fantasy
Rating – PG – 13
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@LeskoLori Shares an #Excerpt from COPYRIGHT: A NOVEL #Thriller #AmReading #GoodReads

“Amber, unfortunately we have found two blocked arteries in your heart.”
“That’s bad, huh?” I asked, trying to lighten the moment.
“Yes, it is. We need to operate on you and perform a double bypass surgery as soon as possible,” Dr. Casey said as he lowered his mask. His expression cleared away all of my earlier confusion and my drug-induced euphoria and slammed me back into cold, harsh reality.
“How soon is ‘soon’? Can I go home and we can schedule it next week, because I…”
“No. We need to do it now.”
“I don’t want to do it now. Can’t I get a second opinion before you rip my chest open?”
“There’s no time for that. If we don’t do this right now, you could die,” he said. “You’re in good hands. We’re the best hospital in the city.” I knew he was right. The Gardens performed all of the tough heart surgeries in West Palm Beach. But why today? Why did this all have to happen so quickly? If anyone had told me this morning while I watched the sun come up that I’d be having double bypass surgery by the end of the day, I’d have laughed my ass off.
“Can I see Karen, my partner? Karen Miller, the one who brought me in,” I asked.
“Sure,” Dr. Casey said as he nodded to the nurse. “We need you to sign some consent forms.” He looked up at his staff. “We’ll prep OR 3, guys.”
A bunch of nurses passed in and out of my view. I’d watched this kind of scene so many times in the movies and on TV. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Lying on that table, I kept staring at the organized chaos taking place before my very eyes. Get me the fuck out of here! I wanted to scream. My life would never be the same after this, I just knew it. No more meat, caffeine or fatty foods, it would be traditional fish and veggie diet from now until my death. Unless, of course, I died today. Panic erupted inside my head, and I clenched my fingers into fists; the pain of my fingernails digging into my palms kept me present and calmed me.
“God, babe!” Karen came out of nowhere. I could hear her talking and smell her coconut moisturizer before I saw her. Her tearstained face and puffy eyes were too much for me to take and I felt tears rolling down my own cheeks.
“Danny wants to see you,” Karen said.
“Yes, please let me give him a kiss before I go under.”
As Karen left to fetch Danny, I was moved to a prep room, and many more people in blue surrounded me. They attached tubes and wires to various parts of my body.
As my sweet, sixteen-year-old boy approached me, I noticed he also had the puffy eye syndrome that seemed to be going around my family. It broke my heart just looking at him.
“Don’t cry, my love, I’ll be fine,” I said, trying to convince both of us.
“When will you be coming home?” he asked, brushing his tears away.
“I honestly don’t know. Soon, though. I don’t intend to stay long. But I need you to listen to Karen and take extra special care of Kira. She’s going to be really confused by all this.”
“I will, I promise, Mom.”
“I mean it, Danny, no teasing her with your ghost stories. This isn’t the time for her to be waking up screaming in the middle of the night,” I said, brushing his long auburn bangs from his face. “God, you need a haircut.”
“Just don’t fucking die on me, Mom!” That little zinger turned some heads. All of the nurses laughed, except for an old one with glasses. I’m certain my mothering skills went into question in her mind, so I stuck my tongue out at her. Danny swiveled around and did the same.
“Okay enough, honey,” I said, turning him back to me. “And please, do try to watch your language.” I smiled playfully.
“You’re one to talk. All you do is curse, right and left,” Danny countered.
“Okay, then swear your little heart out until I get home.” I heard Karen laugh in the background and saw some of the tension leave Danny’s face. I gave my lanky teenager the squeeze of his life as I tried to muster up the courage to fight for my own. “I love you,” I said tenderly with a kiss.
“Can I get in on some on this action?” Karen asked. We performed our best group hug. I desperately wished I could’ve seen Kira before the operation. What if I died and she never saw me again? Our time ended, and Karen and Danny had to leave. Some administration woman forced me to sign and initial three forms, surrendering my right to sue the hospital if I croaked. Completely out of it at that point, someone could have placed a blank check in front of me and I would’ve signed it. They moved me into OR 3. The staff was ready. Each one of them had lined up in their appointed row. But, I wasn’t, not yet. Too bad. Before I had time to protest, that old bitch stuck her head over me, smelling like she’d just eaten tuna fish. I realized in that moment, that as the anesthesiologist, the old bag would have the last laugh. She appeared to take great pleasure in placing the mask over my mouth and nose.
“Now, have sweet dreams,” she said.
“Fuuuck yoooouuuuuu…” I replied.

Amber Tyler is living every author’s dream: her books are all best sellers and she writes full time. She has worked hard and is well-accomplished in her career, and she has the support and love of her beautiful children and girlfriend. 

But the dream soon turns into a terrible nightmare when her latest manuscript is stolen. She decides to fight for what is rightfully hers, only to find that the harder she tries, the easier it all slips through her fingers, putting her career, her family, and her life in jeopardy.
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Genre – Thriller
Rating – PG-13
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