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T. D. Von Dohren on What Inspired Her To Write Daughter of the Moon @tdvondohren #Fantasy

What Inspired Me To Write My Book
Have you ever looked at the world and wondered how much better off we would all be if we just learned to accept others the way we accept ourselves? My whole life I have always been a little bit different, which in Australia meant you were destined to be bullied. You see, part of our culture is that we show our acceptance and friendship through poking fun at each other. Its part of what gives Australian’s such a great sense of humour and laid back view of the world. On the flip side though, it doesn’t exactly encourage over achievers, so for a child who was tested and found to be academically two and half years ahead of herself at the young age of seven and who would drift between social circles because none of them really felt like a fit, it was tough.
As I grew up I learned to hide my intelligence and any talents that would make me stand out from a crowd while at school, but made sure to pursue them in my spare time. I begged my parents to let me sign up for an after school acting academy and speech and drama classes and I credit these to helping me re-build a confidence that was being crushed daily in the school yard. Not that I regret it or feel any ill will to those who facilitated it, because it was this experience which got me thinking. Why do nice people often get caught up in the bullying of others, why do we often regret the choices we make after the fact and what could be done to change this human habit?
I came to realise that the answer was acceptance. You hear the message more and more these days that we need to accept ourselves before we can accept others, but how many people do you know that actually follow through with the second part of that statement… Accepting others. Who are we to decide if a competent and trusted boss has made the wrong choice when we don’t know all the circumstances? How can we decide who someone should marry when we are unaware of how their heart truly feels? If a nation knows only to rule through punishment, can we truly berate them simply because they are unaware there is another option? I believe that before we make these decisions to judge, we should first choose to open ourselves up to viewing the situation through another’s eyes. It is through understanding that we learn and through acceptance that we can teach.
So I wrote a story, where vampires save the world and the gods we worship show their dark side, because I believe it is time for humanity to realise that there is good and bad, yin and yang, in everything, every being and every action. What matters is that we see both, accept both, and make choices that reflect the morals of our own spirit. I hope you enjoy.
What do Jesus Christ, a Greek Goddess, and a thousand-year-old Vampyre have in common? This intriguing and thought provoking story will make you question everything you think you know about myth and religion. Chhaya, a vampire born over a millennium ago, discovers she is the descendant of an ancient bloodline-the blood of Christ. As the power in her awakens, Chhaya must use her new gifts as the Daughter of the Moon to fight against the corrupt coven leader Khai in order to protect the doors to heaven and hell and prevent the end of days on earth. Whether a fan of fantasy, religious theories, or mythology, you'll be inspired to ask what is good and what is evil.
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