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London Casey – Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy @london_casey

Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy
 by: London Casey
            When something tragic happens in life that affects us emotionally, there usually isn’t many people you can talk to that will actually understand.  That is why I turned to writing.  A lot of the themes in the DownCrash series pertain to my life and my past, and it was therapeutic for me to be able to control the situations and the outcomes of them.  It was my way of healing.  Creating the characters and developing their life stories allows me to enter a whole new world and makes life easier to deal with most days.
            I started DownCrash knowing I was going to dive deep into personal stories and emotions. Just how far I wanted to do I wasn’t sure. But writing the series allowed me to really open about my personal life and things I had to endure. At first I thought it would be nice to just write the situations out. To see them on paper and get them off my chest and mind. BUT… something else happened. Writing didn’t give me a chance to put this stuff on paper, it allowed to read about someone else going through it. Sure, these were characters I created, but I was able to back away – like right now – and read the entire DownCrash trilogy and have a better sense of understanding.

            For other writers the person therapy is the concept of writing to get out of our normal lives. Just like how readers approach books – it’s an escape. Don’t forget, for writers, it’s an escape to write too. Yes, it’s our job and we have deadlines, decisions, etc., but at its basic level, it’s about having an escape.
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