Thursday, February 20, 2014

#Book Covers Are Like Looking at the Windows on a House for Sale (#Poetry #GoodReads)

Book covers provide the most critical information about your book.  It is just like looking at the windows on a house for sale.  If you like the charm of the windows and the amount of light that you believe those windows will provide the home you will be more likely to look inside.  The book cover is the reader’s invitation to look inside and see what the story is about.
In today’s online market place the cover becomes even more important because it has such competition.  It also has a very small amount of space to “shine.”  Therefore, if your cover is drab it will not stand out and will be lost in the competition.  Bright colors, nice text fonts, even spacing and maybe even a blur about the book by someone that has a good reputation on the front cover can make your book standout.
Here are some great things I learned about covers. The color identifies the tone of the book – red for romance, black for mystery, purple and gold for religious and inspirational works.  Make sure your color matches the mood of the book.  Another thing that I learned is that it really makes a huge difference the fonts that you use – keep plain text fonts for more serious natured books.  Use fun texts for books that are lively, interactive and entertaining. Finally make sure that your name stands out on the cover.  This is important because you are branding yourself.  It’s not enough just to have a nice cover, but people need to remember that you are the author.  Make sure your name stands out.
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