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Sebastiana Randone – Lost In The Nostalgic Haze Of Idealism @sebasti29567440


Dancing wildly to the tempestuous bellow of nature and swooning to the dulcet strains of sirens is how the romantic floats through life. They sail in ships fashioned with goddesses at the masthead to guide and seduce. They have danced in silky full circled gowns until dawn with lithesome soldiers, and fraternised with poets and writers, getting drunk on discourse and philosophy.

Afflicted by melancholia, the romantic is soothed by idealism, an elusive lover. These fragile souls are often invisible in the harsh light of day, only visible in the shadowy night, as they wander the earth in a nostalgic haze, searching for beauty and meaning, often from distant lands and times past.

In this fast moving world where most are pressed by the urgency of accomplishment and aspiration, it is no wonder that many perceive as indulgent and purposeless, the romantic in her vestment of idealism. Upon the face of it, materially, little is produced when time is invested in the guilty pleasure of fantasizing. For the creative spirit however, reverie is what ink is to a pen.

The time traveller in The House is such a hopeless romantic, that from the outset, it is easy to suppose that her presence in this mysterious setting is due to an overactive imagination. Although her origins are not revealed, we know that prior to this unplanned journey, she exists on romancing the past. By reading classic 18th&19th century literature, she forms an emotional relationship with these rose coloured glass worlds.

This sentiment of ‘the grasser was greener then’ suddenly has cold water thrown upon it, when, one afternoon in an ancient wood, she finds herself facing a menacing looking house in the distance. The dreamer suddenly awakens, only to find herself in a nightmare.


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Genre - Historical, Fantasy, Romance

Rating - PG-16

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