Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Morgan’s Return by Greta van der Rol @GretavdR

In Morgan’s Return Prasad, Morgan and Ravindra have been to a cathedral, looking for clues to the prigins of Admiral Ravindra’s people. Morgan was unimpressed.


“Silly bitch. She thinks Supertechs are a danger? Huh.”

“You could be, without some control,” Ravindra said.

“Huh. And what about that stupid war machine? What sort of idiot would make a weapon as inefficient as a human body? Can’t fly, can’t turn, can’t do any damned thing worth doing.”

Chuckling, Ravindra released her. “Yes, my dear, you’re right. So… what now?”

“That was a crashing waste of time, wasn’t it?” They passed through the crumbling archway back into the street. “Now? We get off this dump of a world and…” Morgan sidestepped to avoid a uniformed woman on the footpath, “…sorry. Then we head for Torreno. There’s sure to be some clues in the central library.”


Ellen watched them as they entered an autocab, which disappeared into the heavy air.

Bloody Selwood. She’d walked around her, said sorry. Ellen had worried for a moment, that she would be recognized, that Selwood would detect her as another Supertech. She should have known better. Nobody ever recognized her, especially not the famous Morgan Selwood. Ellen had just been another junior Supertech, hovering around the edges of whatever it was Selwood did, easily ignored, easily overlooked.

The man she was with, though. It had been worth the risk, just to get a better look at him. What a man. He was even more impressive in the flesh, with a beautiful, deep voice, smooth as dark chocolate.The other man was no slouch, either, lithe and graceful as a dancer. She hadn’t understood the language they spoke, but Selwood had said ‘Torreno’.


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