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Robert Davies – Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy @ahundredstories

Why Writing is a Form of Personal Therapy
I often think of imprisoned criminals being given a creative outlet to divert their energy into something productive, and it makes me wonder – could artists and writers potentially be the biggest criminals on earth? Without an outlet would we bottle it up until we’re all driven to murder and robbery?
Personally I’d have lost the plot long ago if I hadn’t learned to channel turmoil onto paper. Probably not the murder and/or robbery route, more like the medicated jacket-without-sleeves route. It seems that many writers – not all by any means, but many – are both introverted and very imaginative. Both good ingredients for a writer, of course, but I can’t help wondering what happens when introverts have no outlet for their powerful imaginations, no way of fulfilling the urge to manifest it into the world.
Prison? Straitjackets?
I don’t know about you, but on days when I can’t write, I already feel like I’m in one.
The great thing about using writing at an outlet is that it’s limitless, and it’s as private as you need it to be. It’s a little like drawing – it only takes a pen and paper, and with nothing more you can express a whole universe. If you hate opening up to people, write whatever hurts you into a story, and feel the subversive thrill of others reading it and wowing over your own emotional detritus. They might never even suspect that any of it is actually happening to you, right now. It’s your secret, between you and your story.
Even if no-one ever reads it, there is release to be had by simply crafting whatever confused and endless storms are thrashing inside into something whole and perfectly-formed. It gives you control, perspective, a way out, everything you need to simply breathe again. It’s very personal, but it still allows you to share. Writing gives you control over the things that feel beyond your grasp, and quite possibly saves your sanity in doing so.
All on a piece of paper, a fraction of a millimetre thick. Who would have thought such thin walls stand between you and a life of crime?
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