Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fire on Ice by Dakota Madison @ShortonTimeBook



I stared at Kian’s number in my cell phone contacts. I had been looking at it for the past hour, angry at myself for wasting so much of my precious time thinking about him and yet feeling physically incapable of doing anything else.

I knew there was no way I was ever going to date another hockey player, so what was the point? The point was there was something about Kian that was so captivating, so completely and utterly appealing, that I couldn’t think about anything else.

When I thought about the way his magnificent blue eyes gazed down at me, with so much passion and longing, a wave of desire rushed through me at the memory. He was so tall and muscular and masculine. Every pore of his body seemed to ooze testosterone. And the sheer size of his hand as it held mine made me feel so small and vulnerable yet safe and protected at the same time.

Big, athletic guys like Kian usually had the opposite effect on me. They tended to make my skin crawl and brought out every flight response in my body. After my experience in high school, I generally went out of my way to steer clear of anyone even remotely resembling a jock.

But for some reason, I didn’t want to steer clear of Kian and that concerned me. That I was seriously considering calling him concerned me even more. The idea of dating a professional hockey player was completely out of the question.

I tried to remind myself that I was so close to finally achieving the first step of my long-held dream of becoming a psychologist. This was my last year as an undergraduate and I wanted to concentrate on my research internship and getting a coveted co-publication in a peer-reviewed journal. It would be a monumental feat as an undergraduate because it was something so very few students achieved. But if I did achieve it, I knew my direct entry into a Ph.D. program would be almost assured.

I didn’t need a guy, especially a hockey player, to knock me off my career path. I wanted to complete my Ph.D. by the time I was twenty-six and I was determined to achieve my goal.

I was just about ready to delete Kian’s contact information from my phone when an image of him popped into my mind. The harder I tried to fight the feelings the memory of him evoked, the stronger the images of him played in my brain: his crooked little half smile, his blazing blue eyes, the overwhelming energy of his presence and his uber-masculinity. He completely took my breath away.

Fire on Ice

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