Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christina Smith – Why Book Covers are So Important?

Why Book Covers are So Important?

By: Christina Smith

What is that saying again? Never judge a book by its cover? That is easier said than done. I‘ve bought many books solely on the cover, as I’m sure most of you have. I love covers. I don’t know why, but it’s the cover I fall in love with before I even get to the words. In fact there have been books where I loved the cover, but not the book itself, and of course, books where I wasn’t fond of the cover but loved the book. So obviously the old saying is true, but just in case there are others out there like me, who buy books because of what’s on the outside, I want the best cover I can get.

With thousands of books on line or the book shelf in front of you, there has to be some reason you pick the book up in the first place. They all sound great by the description; you need something to set them apart. So it is extremely important to get a cover that draws the eyes. That shouts out to the reader “Look at me!!!” It’s the first impression, so it should be the right one.

Maybe someday people will know my name enough that it will get the attention the book needs to be read. But until that day, it needs to get noticed and what better way than a fantastic cover.

Riley's Secret

Megan Banks feels like an imposter in her own life; she doesn’t belong with her friends or with her parents, who ignore her. After a fire she’s indirectly involved with, she finds herself with two hundred hours of community service. It’s the charity she volunteers at that finally makes her feel like she belongs. These people, with whom she has nothing in common, mean more to her than her rich, selfish friends.

But for some reason her supervisor, Nate Green, doesn’t want her there. He thinks she’s a self-centered rich girl who deserves to be in jail. After she’s threatened by the kids who started the fire, Nate and Megan form a strange friendship, built only for her protection. But the more she feels for him, the more he pushes her away.

As they become closer, Megan knows Nate is attracted to her as well, but she also believes that he is hiding something. But she could never guess what he really is. Before she realizes what is happening, she becomes involved in a world she didn’t know existed.

In this strange new reality, can she finally find a place where she belongs?

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Genre - Young Adult/Fantasy/Romance

Rating – PG13

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