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Alexandra Anthony – What Sets Your Book Apart?

What sets your book apart from others in the same genre?

By: Alexandra Anthony

I’m not sure my book has any new subject matter that makes my book glaringly different. But The Dark Hart Chronicles began after watching Brandon Flowers perform on stage one night and I decided it was time for me to write not just a paranormal romance, but a paranormal erotic romance with rock and roll flair. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to make my vampires different; I was tired of reading about immortal creatures that ‘die’ for the day. It restricted the possibilities of the story and what I could do with my characters.

With the choice for my story complete, I made my vampires day-walkers. They could walk amongst humans, easily able to blend in with society around them. They could be sitting next to you at the movies, standing behind you at the bank…it adds a little intrigue to the story and opens up so many doors for my vampires.

The other decision I made was to make the story erotic. I was tired of reading fade to black sex scenes, or stories where the language was vague, filled with colorful euphemisms to describe the act and the parts of the body. I didn’t want to limit myself to writing stories with ‘purple prose’. Throwing away the rules of romance, I plunged in head first, writing The Dark Hart Chronicles.

The series revolves around Savannah Wood and Nick Hart. When we meet Savannah in Tempted she’s an out of work Hollywood personal assistant. Nick Hart is my vampire hero, a century old vampire that’s hiding in plain sight as an up and coming rock star.

Savannah is offered a job to be a personal assistant to Nick, and their attraction to one another is palpable. However, Savannah wants to keep things professional and spends a lot of time thinking about Nick, but doing nothing to act upon her desires. And Nick…he wants her, but is so afraid of letting anyone in.

After a lot of back and forth banter, they finally give into their passion for each other. It’s only then that Savannah discovers Nick’s secret.

And then the fun stuff begins.

The road hasn’t always been easy for Savannah and NIck, but we watch as their love grows with each passing chapter. They also have to face the paparazzi, a string of mysterious murders…and Nick’s maker. I also have a cast of important secondary characters that provide comic relief at times and add depth and realism to the story.

This seems like a very long-winded answer to what I feel sets my story apart from others in my genre. I try to add the erotic elements of sex in with a twisting – and evolving storyline.


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