Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tripped Up Love by Julie Farley

She directed him to her house. They pulled into the driveway two minutes later.

“Do you mind if I put your dog inside the fence in the backyard?”

“No, that’d be great,” mumbled Heather. While he took care of Coco, Heather had her first chance to get a good look at all of him. She noticed his jeans framed his ass perfectly. Even through the tattoos, Heather could see how defined his arms were. Before she knew it, he was headed back to the car, and she shook her head to force herself to stop checking him out. He walked to her door and opened it.

“Now it’s your turn. Hold onto my hands and I’ll help you out.”

“I’m fine,” Heather claimed, wincing as she tried to put any weight on her foot.

“Just let me help you. It’s not a big deal.”

She did. They went in through the garage door. Fabulous, thought Heather, The first things he will see are the messiest parts of my life - the garage and the laundry room. There were three stairs to get up, and he lifted her up and got her in past the laundry. He bent down and pulled out a chair at the kitchen table. Heather plopped down and let out a huge sigh. The sigh was an effort to stop herself from crying. Her ankle was killing her, and the reality of her life was smacking her in the face.

“Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I didn’t even ask your name.”

“I’m Peter and really this was no big deal. I’m just happy I didn’t run over you. And your name…”

“Oh, sorry. I’m Heather. That’s my dog Coco out there. Welcome to my house, the kingdom of chaos.”

“It doesn’t seem so chaotic right now. I’m guessing from all the stuff in the garage and all the laundry you don’t live here by yourself. And I apologize if you do and just happen to be a hoarder.”

“Hoarding would be easier. No, I live here with my three kids. They’re at my mom’s right now.”

“Well, Heather, I think you need to get to a doctor. Who can I call for you?”

And suddenly the sigh wasn’t enough. Heather didn’t really have an emergency contact anymore. Her emergency contact was dead. She had friends but didn’t want to burden them with yet another saga in the ongoing Heather Story. The tears rolled down her cheeks. Poor Peter looked like he was sorrier than ever he hadn’t run her over. He had a panicked look on his face.

“Umm…I’m sorry it must hurt terribly. Let me get you some ice and we’ll sort this out.”

Instead of ice, he grabbed a box of chocolate chip waffles, pulled out a chair and held the box over the swollen egg on what was now a cankle. Heather sniffed and cleared her throat.

“I’m fine. I can take myself to the doctor.”

“No, you can’t! There is no way you can drive.” Peter was afraid to ask if there was anyone she could call again. Nothing good happened the last time he had said that. “I’m taking you. Let’s grab your purse and go.”

Peter didn’t wait for any hesitation. He scooped Heather up and took her to the car only stopping for a second so she could grab the purse dangling on the laundry room door.

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