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There is Nothing More Rewarding – Cindy M. Hogan

There is Nothing More Rewarding

by Cindy M. Hogan

Indie publishing has taken me to my highest highs and my lowest lows. When I started two years ago, there really wasn’t a lot of information out there about what to do and how to do it. Today, there is a wealth of information to sift through.

My lowest lows came from others looking down at me for my choice, the lack of information out there, and the almost complete absence of resources.

It is such an exciting time for authors now. We have become our own gatekeepers, waiting for no one but ourselves to create and publish our best work. Traditionally published authors have discovered that there might be a better way. That way even includes great paychecks. No more miniscule royalty checks. Writers’ conferences are even adding classes on indie publishing. It was almost unheard of two years ago.

The resources are rapidly becoming available that provide indie authors with the ability to create a completely professional product without too much hassle. Good editors abound. Formatters are all over the place. Cover designers are experiencing a brisk indie business. The information is there for the industrious indie author to do all of those things on his own if he chooses. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other eBook retailers are constantly changing to make it easier for authors to publish and be successful at it. I stumbled through the process only two years ago, now it is piece of cake to get my work out there. All the tools and people resources are there to help me be successful.

It’s fun to see that indie publishing is no longer a dirty word to most. Sure, those entrenched in the traditional model will always snub us, but we can laugh all the way to the bank.

My highest highs come from my fans, the compensation I get, and the writing process.

It’s so fun to open my email and see a bunch of fan mail. It’s awesome to have lines at my signings. It’s great to have a packed crowd at my launches.

Only eight months after publishing my first novel, I received a five-digit check for my book. It was more than satisfying to be able to say that I did it on my own. I did it. It’s only gotten better from there.

Finally, there is no greater high than writing a rocking book. I love that I can do it full-time. I can’t imagine there being anything better than the creative process.

I feel so blessed that I stepped out of the norm two years ago, ignored the naysayers, and went with indie publishing full throttle forward. There is nothing more rewarding.


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About Cindy M Hogan:

Cindy M. Hogan enjoys spending time with, and writing about, unpredictable teenagers. If she’s not reading or writing, you’ll find her with her own teen daughters or her fun husband. She graduated with a BA in secondary education.


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