Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#AmReading Closing The Gap: Understanding Your Service (Wo)man by Yvonne Jones

Closing The Gap

For the first time, facts and common misconceptions about the Military Lifestyle have been accessibly presented and composed in a manner that specifically appeals to non-military friends and family members. This book is meant to apply to all families and friends of our service(wo)men of every branch within the military. It was written in order to make a positive difference by giving people within the civilian world the information they need to understand the experiences of and reconnect with those that protect their freedoms and rights. Stay close to your service members, for they truly need you.

Reviewed by “Circle of Moms” Top Military Bloggers:
“This resource is perfect for EVERYONE with ANY connection to the military community, and should be on everyone’s shelf!” – Judy Davis -

“[This] book is absolutely brilliant!” – Cat Lang -

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Genre – Military Family
Rating – G
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