Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jann Jeter – My publishing journey @Hasty_Post

My publishing journey or how I became a published author

The most important step, that proverbial ‘first step’, is just sitting down one day and beginning to put words onto a page. It became something I needed to do, to get a story told, to get these characters I’m so fond of an audience and to create something unique. I had periods where I could not figure out what the next step was, and I might go weeks or months without even pulling my manuscript up. Then some thought would occur to me, or I would think of one little thing I wanted to put in, and I would sit down at the keyboard and the words would fly out of my fingers. There were times it was more than difficult. Writer’s block is no joke – it does happen, and sometimes lasts for long periods of time. Then something will jar you, and away you go. Once I was done, and had re-read it 7 or 8 times to edit for continuity and the dreaded typos, it really was easy to make the next step and publish it myself as an e-book.


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