Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#Excerpt from "The Blood Dynasty Chronicles" by David L. Dawson #Paranormal #Romance

A pretty nurse with blonde hair smiled. In an instant, her eyes were red and her teeth were pointed. Her body literally flew across the wooden beams of the corridor floor. Ashlyn screamed and staggered back but all of a sudden Doctor Green was standing in front of her. The nurse collided with the doctor and both of them went tumbling to the floor. Ashlyn didn’t know what was going on, but she wasn’t going to let this stop her from escaping.

“It’s not safe for you!” Doctor Green shouted.

Ashlyn ignored her as she ran for a door that looked like it opened up onto a stairwell. Not all, but most, of the vampires in the corridor were still staring at her, mouths open and drooling. She didn’t understand why. Surely they’d seen a human before? They weren’t acting like that with Cary.

Another vampire pounced on her. This one was an elderly man with intelligent eyes that were barely red. He was still very strong, though. He bit at her and scrabbled at her with fingers that were like claws.

“I hunger so much!” he cried.

Epic paranormal romance with a dystopian twist!All 6 parts of the epic Blood Dynasty Chronicles in one super-sized boxset!

Ashlyn Fountain has woken from a thousand year sleep.  Her family is dead.  Her friends are dead.  Her whole world is gone, replaced a new terrifying reality; a future ruled by vampires, where humans are viewed as cattle, and kept as slaves.  She is sold into slavery and bought by the powerful Sublimes, a decadent vampire family ruled over by the charming Grey Sublime and his wicked wife, Catherine.  Ashlyn resigns herself to her fate.  What can she do but accept what is her life now?
Then she meets Jensen Sublime and Union Jack.  Both are sexy, intriguing, and inject a little romance and mystery into her life.  Who will ultimately win her heart – the handsome vampire, or the man who could free her from slavery for good?
The Blood Dynasty Chronicles is a bold new paranormal romance series, fusing the passion and romance of vampire fiction with the adventure and intrigue of dystopian adventures.

This boxset contains the following:
1. The Girl From Yesterday
2. The Streets Are Paved With Blood
3. Masks
4. Movie Night
5. New Whitby
6. The First Vampire
That’s over 180,000 words of vampires, romance and dystopia!

OUT NOW – “Shadow of the Snow Queen”, a Blood Dynasty Chronicles Christmas Special, featuring a long tale all about Ashlyn, and several short stories featuring the other characters.

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Genre - Paranormal romance
Rating – PG-13
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