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Carin Kilby Clark's Tips on Being a Good Guest #Blogger (#NonFiction #AmWriting)

One of my most favorite aspects about blogging is being able to feature other great writing on my blog. I’ve also had the pleasure of contributing to other fabulous sites within my parenting & family niche – and every time I send an article I try to maintain a certain standard; and make it easy on the blog owner.
While I do love to feature other writers, I’ve noticed that not every blogger/writer knows how to be a good guest blogger. There are a few steps you can take which will make the process much smoother for you, and for your article’s host.
Here are some tips on how to be a good guest blogger.
Be a good guest blogger by making sure your article is optimized. Pick a key word or phrase to focus on and make sure you optimize the article for that key word or phrase. This will benefit both you and the blog owner in that the more organic traffic your piece receives, the more likely the blog owner will invite you back and the more traffic that will end up circling back to you through the link in your bio.
Be a good guest blogger by optimizing images for pinterest and the web. I should probably start with the fact that you should always include at least one image with your post. If it’s not a graphical representation, you can always use a program like PicMonkey to make an image out of a quote or excerpt from the article. This will help with making the post pinnable, and by optimizing the image for search you will continue to drive organic traffic.
Be a good guest blogger by writing a stellar piece of content. You should always send a blog host your absolute best. As a matter of fact, when I guest blog I try to make that post even better than ones that are on my own site. The reason is that you want to attract new readers who will follow the link in your bio back to your site. This is only effective if your post is truly outstanding; and leaves the reader wanting to see more of your writing.
Be a good guest blogger by promoting your guest post. This is a very important part of being a good guest blogger. You must promote your work on the host site – don’t leave it all up to the blog host. It’s a shared responsibility to promote the content that you’ve written, and they’ve published.
Be a good guest blogger by hanging out and responding to comments. Engagement on your post is key. If you have readers who make comments – whether they ask a question, or add something to the discussion – it’s important that you are around to interact with them. Again, don’t leave it all up to the blog host as you, as the writer, are better postured to engage with readers on your post.
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As the mother of three very active children who also works full-time, runs a business in her “spare” time, publishes a lifestyle & parenting site, manages a growing motherhood community, and regularly contributes parenting advice to many popular sites in the parenting/family life niche, Carin’s advice is solid; based on methods that she has successfully implemented in controlling her time and getting things done.
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