Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Author Interview – Elvis Deane

Why do you write? Stories are the closest thing to a time machine- they can transport us to places we’ve never been so we can see the world as it was seen through another’s eyes.  I like to get lost in a story, and I think I want to give others that feeling.  I grew up listening to my grandmother tell stories of her time as a child in war torn Poland.  I’d love it when my father and uncles got together and filled in the details of their childhood in India, and what life was like there.

Have you always enjoyed writing? Yes, I loved writing stories all the way back to grade one.  There were periods as a teenager where I didn’t feel that I was particularly good at it, so I stopped from time to time. But I had a few teachers who really nurtured it and encouraged me to keep going.

What motivates you to write? Giving characters life, and giving form to their stories.  There’s nothing worse than a great character who’s died on the page because a writer didn’t have the time to tell their tale.

What writing are you most proud of? I’d have to say Pistachio the Tyrant, because of all the hundreds of ideas I’ve had, it’s the one that made it all the way from thought to finished book.

What books did you love growing up? I was a very big fan of the Narnia books as a child.  It was such an amazing, interconnected world.  I also loved Choose Your Own Adventures.  I did read a lot of comic books, and many of the misfit characters in The Avengers were my favourites. The ones who started out as villains but found themselves wanting to do good, and holding their own alongside the greatest heroes despite their flaws.

Who is your favorite author? I love the work of Robert Charles Wilson, because it’s fantastic character-driven drama set in science fiction premises that only someone very smart and very philosophical could come up with.  His book Mysterium was an absolute life-changer for me, because not only was it a fantastic intrigue and adventure story, but it made me think about the nature of religion, death, and what might be out there.

Pistachio the Tyrant

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