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Nhys Glover – Inside the Mind of the Author

Inside the Mind of the Author

by Nhys Glover

For anyone who’s read my books, it’s pretty apparent what’s inside my mind. My stories are all about aspects of me that I’m trying to heal or grow in some way. I didn’t realise that, when I wrote for fun in my earlier years, but it’s become more apparent as I’ve grown older.

So, what do my stories tell the astute reader about me? That I believe whole-heartedly in the redemptive power of love. It’s the recurring theme in all my novels. No matter how flawed or broken a character might be, somehow love gives them enough healing to grow into a better, more loving version of themself. It’s what happened to me, it’s what happens to a great many people, if they give themselves over to it.

My stories tell the reader that I live in a post-apocalyptic, utopian world. In my case the apocalypse was cancer and the death of my son. That left me fragile for a long time afterwards, but it also allowed me to create a life for myself that had none of the dramas that had dogged my early years. I live, for the most part, in my version of New Atlantis, and when Maggie (the artist in me) has to leave her peaceful world and go back to the past, in Shared Soul, I knew what that felt like.

People who know me, and have read my books, tell me that Cara is very much me. And when I was writing Nine Lives, the first in the New Atlantis series, I had to put myself into her mind. How would I react if a handsome young man I’d just met told me I could start a new life in the future, in a younger, better version of myself. (That’s pure wish-fulfilment for me!) So right from the start Cara gets to see the world as I do, and she reacts as I think I would, in those circumstances.  And like Cara I’m known as a person who likes to shake up the status quo, not just for the heck of it, but because I can see how it might be better.

An astute reader might also see my hedonistic side. I write sensual romance. I’m a strong believer in describing all aspects of a loving relationship. If you fade out as the bedroom door closes them you lose a big piece of the puzzle that makes my people who they are. In The Titan Drowns this can be seen in Pia’s desire to get sex over with, so Marco can see what he’s getting (ie an unexciting bed-mate). But for Marco, respecting Pia means waiting for marriage, and then using what he’s always undervalued – his sexual experience – to pay her back for what she’s given him. Unless you’re in the bedroom with them, you don’t fully get how that relationship dynamic plays out. Being told isn’t the same as being shown.

I also believe in instant chemistry. It doesn’t always last, but it always has to be there at the beginning, if there’s going to be a future for the relationship. Therefore my people fall in love as I’ve done in the past, fast and furiously. That sense that you know the person as soon as you meet them: that’s not just the stuff of romantic fiction, it’s happened to me in real life.

So if you like my books you’d probably like me. If you like me, you’d probably like my books. Like my mind, my books are different, but hopefully in a good way.

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