Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kim Cano – 10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

by Kim Cano

*Read a lot of books and outside your usual genre too. You will learn so much more that way. It will also help develop your own unique voice.

*Even if you’re working a regular job, make some time each day to write so it becomes a habit. (I’ve been guilty of not doing that, and it makes your book take too long to finish and you can lose momentum.)

*Memorize a new word in the dictionary every day, or at least read it and its description. There are so many wonderful vocabulary choices. We tend to stick the same ones.

*Check out some writing books either at the library or online. There are some great ones devoted to slices of writing technique: point of view, dialogue, etc.

*Observe people in situations, how they act, what they are really feeling. Living daily life will give you plenty of character ideas. Just be sure to mix them up and don’t make someone a copy of a real person, unless you’re writing a true story.

*Write stories you want to read. Don’t ever write what you think will sell. Readers will know the difference and it will backfire.

*Connect with more successful authors and see what they have done to improve their craft. You’d be surprised how many are willing to give you tips.

*When you have a dream or a sliver of an idea that could be a story, take time to jot the basic concept down. If you can begin writing right away, great, if not, you will have a seed of something to start in the future.

*Get familiar with grammar rules. If you’re rusty, brush up. Check in every month and re-visit them for an hour or two until you know them without second guessing. I still do that.

*Stop writing and take a short exercise break every hour. You want to create worlds for readers, not expand your waistline!

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