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Michael Meyer – Writing To Me Is…

Writing to Me is …

by Michael Meyer

I come from a long line of teachers. My grandmother, my dad, my mom, and most of my aunts and uncles were teachers, as are my three sisters and my wife, and many of my first cousins. My father as an English professor, and I wanted to follow in his steps. I love the higher education environment. Colleges and universities are to me like sugar water to a hummingbird.

I have always had a talent for writing, which was driven by my passion for stringing words together to say something that would make others take notice. My teachers, all through the school system, told me so. I have written my whole life. My cupboards are filled with my writing, which spans a forty-five year period. I have bits and pieces of stories, completed short stories, essays, and notes galore.

I became fascinated with books at a very young age. I must have read every CURIOUS GEORGE book out there. At the age of ten, I self-published my first book, a short synopsis of California history. My parents bought the only copy, but I was a published author at an early age. The writing bug struck me hard.

I have written my whole life. My study at home is filled with manuscripts of one sort or another. When I retired from my 40-year career as an English professor, I found that I now had the time to work on the unfinished manuscripts I had started years before. I have now published fours novels, and my fifth book is nearing completion. In retirement I have suddenly found the time I need to devote to one of my lifelong passions: writing. And I also am privileged to have the time to see things through to completion. The unfinished works in my study are quickly vanishing, to my delight.

I am not out for money. As a retired college professor, I have a nice pension. Rather, I want to write until I die. I love creating characters and plots. Writing to me is like reading. I never know precisely where things will lead. I am in good health, and my doctor told me that writing is a very healthy avocation for someone in my situation: a retiree. I love his advice.

The most difficult part of writing for me is placing the following words on my manuscript: The End. I get very involved with my characters as I write. I laugh and cry with them, and I agonize over their actions and their circumstances. They are like my own children. I am sad to see them grow up and then go off to live their lives on their own. Saying goodbye is tough, even though I know that they have found a very good home on Amazon.

When I am in the groove, which is the vast majority of the time when I am sitting at my keyboard, working on a manuscript, the characters call out to me, leading me onward, and it is exciting to me, because I never quite know where they will lead me. I have fun writing. It is pleasurable for me. The very second, though, that something seems too tough to handle at the moment, I stop. I will then go off and live my everyday life, waiting until the trigger I need pops into my head. That’s when I run back upstairs to my study and start working once again.

It is a good life. I enjoy writing immensely. Life is too short to do otherwise.

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